Richard Fisher

New York....

Well, it’s almost here. Towards the end of last year we booked our 2014 holiday, it seemed along way off then but now with just three weeks to go it suddenly seems very close!

For a variety of reasons we have only taken short breaks either in the UK or Europe and all by car, train or boat. This year we are off to New York on a big aeroplane! Whilst I have flown to the USA and Canada several times on business this will be the first time for the family.

Why New York? We have a few milestones to celebrate, I recently turned 50, our son has just finished collage and will will celebrate his 18th birthday while we are on holiday.

We have pre-booked something to do each day, the usual tourist stuff of coarse – it has to be done!

So far we have:-

  • Baseball with the New York Yankees.
  • The Empire State bulding (going to be interesting, I don’t like heights!).
  • Top of the rock (high up again).
  • The world trade centre memorial and museum.
  • The Statue of Liberty (only the plinth, the crown was sold out).
  • The air and space museum.

Total cost, around £300 for all these, didn’t think that was to bad for six top attractions with three adults.