Richard Fisher

New York… the aftermaths.

It’s taken a while to put this together.

A quick overview of our 2014 New York holiday along with a few photos…

Day one, off we go...

After an overnight stay at a Heathrow (a great way to make sure you’re at the airport on time and get some cheap parking) it’s off to the airport we’re off! One present flight later, a very friendly immigration official and a not so cheerful cab driver we are at the hotel. After a quick freshen up its time for a spot of dinner and a wander around in the evening.

Day two, the Yankees

Aaron really wanted to watch a baseball game and the Yankees were playing so, why not. Surprisingly enjoyable (given my overall opinion on most sports), lots of family involvement and a great crowd. Really long, a few minutes of game play followed by a break (commercials we presume) and then play again.

  After the game we wandered around central park for a bit and visited the 5th Avenue Apple store (of coarse!).

Day three, an intrepid adventure

A friend  had recommended a walk along the highline. This is a stretch of the old elevated metro line that has been converted to a pleasant green walk with some great views.

 Our main destination for the day was the intrepid aircraft carrier, now a museum with lots of cool stuff including a space shuttle.

Along with more New York sights and sounds

Day four, Liberty Island

Aaron’s 18th birthday toady and we are off to see the statue of liberty and Elis island. The statue of liberty was very interesting and the view from the plinth was great, surprising how small the status is (although I’m glad we couldn’t get tickets to go to the top!). Elis island was not for us so we left, although that took about 3 hours to queue for the boat in the sun!

Day five, the 9-11 memorial and the Empire State building

This was going to be an interesting day, the whole world was affected by the happenings of the 11th of  September 2001 and and will be for many years. The fountains had been open for sometime but the museum itself had opened just a week or two before, it could be very emotional for some.

Under each of the original towers where the fountains now stand there is a timeline walkthrough and a memorial room. The walkthrough was very well done with a lot of recovered artefacts, memorabilia and recordings of various event on the day. I only took a peek into the memorial room, there were photos of all that died around the wall and many people for whom this was very personal. The museum is well worth a visit if you get the chance, it is not a sad place but a memorial to the events of the day. The new world trade centre is an impressive building, still a building site though on our visit. A quick wander back to the metro.

A big day, not fond of heights at all. The plinth on the statue of liberty was quite high but nothing to what was next, the 85th floor of the Empire State building. After a super quick lift to the observation deck and a wander around the inside I eventually ventured outside, not as bad as I expected. Everywhere you looked there were recognisable landmarks.

Day six, top of the rock

Last day and one more attraction, the top of the rock – another tall building! But first Grans Central Station

Some more walking and sight seeing

And finally the Rockefeller centre

Day seven, back home

Holiday over, so many attractions, so much to take in, so much walking be glad to have a rest! Bye bye hotel…

A couple of hours to wander around central park…

And to the airport so Lady Penelope can take up home

Overview That did we think of New York? Brilliant, absolutely fantastic time and can’t wait to visit again, maybe not quite such a hectic schedule though!